Afternoon’s Spent In Back Alleyways 

T-Shirt : Cotton On Skirt: Zara Shoes: Vans

I consider myself queen of the oversized outfit, but this week I decided to step out of my comfort zone and shoot a look I wouldn’t normally choose to wear. Even though the outfit is out of my comfort zone it still consist of all my go to’s. A Band T(which I honestly may own way to many of…. said no one ever!), velvet ( keep I eye out for it in post to come because it fall and duh), and of course a comfy sneaker. I recently purchased this Rolling Stones brand T from cotton and have been living in it, the shirt is currently sold out but you can find a similar one HERE. The skirt I purchase during a rushed shopping trip to Zara, I was initially to looking for something to wear to dinner (causal) when I came across this skirt. When I purchased it I had no idea if I would actually wear the skirt but I knew I had to have it, you can purchase it HERE. My vans I’ve had for some time now and their the right amount of worn in, I find myself grabbing for these before any of my other shoes. Eventually all purchase a new pair( more then likely when they fall apart) and kept these as back ups, if you don’t already own a pair…. shame on you your missing out and get you some HERE

Oh yeah… Kendra


Night and Day…


One of my New Year’s resolutions was to jump out of my comfort zone and have a little more  fun with my everyday outfits.I decided to wear what most might feel is a dinner jacket to walk around the farmers  market, it takes place on Lincoln Road every Sunday during the season. If you live in Miami and haven’t been your missing out, there is everything from vintage fur coats to organic coconut face scrub.This trip I didn’t pick anything up, but I’d have to say wearing sequin made the day feel alittle more glamorous… |Jacket- H&M /Shirt- H&M / Jeans-Replay / Heels-Zara|