Afternoon’s Spent In Back Alleyways 

T-Shirt : Cotton On Skirt: Zara Shoes: Vans

I consider myself queen of the oversized outfit, but this week I decided to step out of my comfort zone and shoot a look I wouldn’t normally choose to wear. Even though the outfit is out of my comfort zone it still consist of all my go to’s. A Band T(which I honestly may own way to many of…. said no one ever!), velvet ( keep I eye out for it in post to come because it fall and duh), and of course a comfy sneaker. I recently purchased this Rolling Stones brand T from cotton and have been living in it, the shirt is currently sold out but you can find a similar one HERE. The skirt I purchase during a rushed shopping trip to Zara, I was initially to looking for something to wear to dinner (causal) when I came across this skirt. When I purchased it I had no idea if I would actually wear the skirt but I knew I had to have it, you can purchase it HERE. My vans I’ve had for some time now and their the right amount of worn in, I find myself grabbing for these before any of my other shoes. Eventually all purchase a new pair( more then likely when they fall apart) and kept these as back ups, if you don’t already own a pair…. shame on you your missing out and get you some HERE

Oh yeah… Kendra


Concrete Jungle 

Sweater : Zadig et Voltaire Dress: Zadig et voltaire Boots: Zara(super old)

It’s officially fall in Miami… well our version of fall anyways, and I am truly enjoying the cool weather we’ve been receiving. I’ve always said I was born in the wrong city, because I thrive in the cold. There’s something about layering on different fabrics and mixing fitted with oversized clothing that makes me do a internal jig. For this outfit I paired what become my favorite day to night pieces, the Rahul dress by Zadig et voltaire , topped it off with a Tanya Cardigan by the brand as well,and for a little edge I wore a pair Zara boots I’ve had forever. Oh yeah… this is my official first outfit post since I came back to blogging, I’m extremely excited to be back in font of the camera. Look out from new post from me every Monday and Thursday.

                                                                                                                                                                                   Oh yeah… Kendra


Starting over… Again 

As you know by now I took another break from blogging, over the past year a lot has happened personally, career wise, and in friendships. I told myself at the beginning of the year I was going to let everything toxic go that was in my life. As a result my circle of friends got smaller,I had a lot more free time to focus on myself, I organized my closet way more then I’d like to admit( I may have a problem,but we’ll take about that on a later date), and I found inspiration to blog again. In the past my main excuse for not consistently posting was my busy schedule( I really wasn’t that busy if I’m being honest) I work Full time at a French retailer and my schedule is never the same and my days off are constantly changing. Which makes it had to schedule shoots with photographers that are equally as busy as myself, but a few weeks ago while watching one of my favorite style bloggers @layllahstyle ( if your not already following her shame on you and you should definitely start) gave all her followers and fellow bloggers the key to solo photo takening. Which believe it or not does consist of that much you basically need your cell phone(iPhone for the best photos), a tripod Zomei Z666 portable tripod , a phone mount Joby Mount , and a few photo editing apps like Retouch, Snapseed, and facetune. 

The photo below of me was taking during a solo photo taking try session I did a few weeks back. I was hard at first to find the lighting and jump in to a pose for the photos but after a while it got a little easier and felt a little more natural. Now that I’ve got it down a little I plan on taking my solo photo taken to the streets and posting a more street style outfit post. The goal I set for myself is at least two street style posts a week on Monday’s and Thursday’s, then sprinkled in between a few lifestyle post about things I did that week. By setting these goals I’m hoping I’ll stick to blogging and add a little structure to my life… fingers crossed!!! So I invite you on this journey with me and I hope you guys enjoy the content and outfits I plan on sharing with you all.

                                                                                                                                                                      Oh Yeah……. Kendra

Walk this way, Espanola way…

As the year draws to an end and we start to make our New Years resolutions, I’m starting mine 30 days earlier. Like many others  my resolutions consist of losing weight ,spending more time with family and friends,and also to breaking out of my Comfort zone (start playing more with colors and prints). When I first came across these mustard colored trousers from Zara, Initially I thought about styling it with a black or white blouse.Which would’ve been the safe way to go, but the more I thought about my outfit,as I was getting dressed.I decided to have a little fun and pair the trouser with a white and blue Zara tunic, black straps heels, and Dior abstract sunglasses; for a relaxed yet put together look. 



This past week I adventured around downtown Miami.If you follow me on Snapchat you know that it was more than interesting, and if you don’t your missing out(👻 oyeahkendra). While walking around,(@popularsociety)and myself came across this cute little hole in the wall bar blocks away from the American airlines arena. Which ended up being the perfect location to shoot, especially since I was wearing a Saint Pablo shirt and attended the Saint Pablo tour weeks before .Destiny and perfection I think so.
-Oh Yeah,