Color Pop


Look who color pop’d back up on the scene, I’ve been gone for awhile but I’m back. I took a break from exposing my life, in the hopes of living it a little more and that I did. Well I didn’t completely step awhile a did share a few things via instagram story, like a trip I took to Playa Del Carman with friends, a few crazy nights in wynwood, and my attempts to live a healthy life style by exercising everyday( a true struggle ) and cooking more. Also while I was away, I started to think about the direction I wanted to take my brand (ughhh I really dislike using the term). I loved the independence I had with solo shooting, I could just get up and shoot photos whenever the mood hit, but on the other side of things it is very limiting and time consuming. Sometimes it would take me forever to find the right lighting but then I would lose the light as soon as I started doing action shots,which is sometimes necessary when doing sponsored content. So in order to take my brand to next level and to give a higher quality of content, I started working with a photographer again.

Lucky for me I already had a photographer in mind, when I first started blogging I met @popularsociety , during that time the only person I shot with was a guy I was dating ( let’s call me the pescatarian lol) and didn’t have any friends in the same creative field I was in. So when she reached out suggesting we meet up after following each other on Instagram for about a year, to go grab a bite not only was I excited I was also nervous. Well that lunch tuned into a interview/ shoot and it was amazing. She has a way of making you feel completely comfortable in front of the camera. We ended up shooting together a few times after that but both of our schedules got busy and hectic . So when I decided to start shooting with a photographer again she was my first choice, but I wasn’t sure if she was available. After reaching out on Instagram to see if anyone knew of any available street style photographers in Miami, she wrote me and told me that she was available to shoot with me. We quickly came up with a game plan to shoot twice a week, that was a month ago I can’t wait for you guys to see the content we created. First up are these photos of me in my new go to, a slip dress. I wear them during the day to work with some sort of outerwear piece or at night with a cute heel.

Check out the link below to read the interview I did with @popularsociety years ago when I was first starting out.


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