Long time coming…

This has been a long time coming, a couple of years back when I first started my blog I also was in the beginning stages of starting a online clothing boutique. Unfortunately the job that I had at the time was extremely stressful and It was causing me to become unhappy with my life. I had no time for friends or family and the people I did see weren’t people with any true substance. Except for a couple that to this day I still communicate with through Instagram, but anyway back to the subject at hand. One morning without even thinking I quit my job and this quickly put a halt on me starting my business. It took me a few months to find a new job and once I did the motivation to start my business was lost. Now fast forward two years later while sitting at home on a Friday night watching TV, I thought to myself once again am I truly happy at this current point in life and the answer was no. So I grabbed my phone and started an Instagram page,then an email address,then a square space and then BOOM! Hazed was born. My company Hazed which is named after one of my all-time favorite Jimi Hendrix songs purple haze.The feeling the song gives me, wanting to dance around carelessly, is the same felling I want to portray in the clothing I sell. For now there’s only a few pieces up on the site but over the next few months I plan on being fully stocked.

I’m excited for this new chapter my life where I can have full financial and creative control. Also enjoy waking up and doing what I do truly love shopping but with a purpose. But don’t worry this won’t take away from my regular blog post ,this just means you are going to see a lot more of me. The dress I’m wearing in this post is on my site!!! , Head over and check out what I have created at www.shophazed.com .


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