Something like a Housewife

Writers block has definitely gotten the best of me this past week. I took these photos on Sunday with every intention to post them on Monday (with some sort of witty title) and interesting explanation of my deep love for camou and how I might own way to much of it, especially for someone who has no interest in hunting. But when it came down for me to sit down and put words to paper aka my iPad Pro nothing came out. I tried writing while at work on break (of course this was a bad idea I definitely set myself up for failure there) , when I was at home doing nothing and trying to decide if I wanted to re watch stranger things for the second time since there are no new shows on Netflix worth binge watching (because I’ve basic watched it all). Still at the end nothing, yup nothing came to mind so instead I’ll tell you the history behind this jacket. A few months back after leaving brunch with two of my amazing friends Arielle and Tony, we did what any person does that’s had way to many brunch drinks, we went to Zara to look around and waste time before saying good bye to each for the day and head home. Right when we about to leave the store I came across this jacket stuck way behind several other items jammed in on the rack. Arielle and Tony both thought the jacket definitely looked like something you would see on a cast member of The Real Housewives of (INSERT CITY HERE). So naturally I needed it because 1 I’m an over the top individual and 2… well there is no 2 just 1, but the line for the fitting room way just way to long for me to try it on. The next best thing for me to do was to just order thought the zara app, and yes I have the Zara app don’t judge me because this is a judge free zone; but right as I was about to order it my phone dies. Once I made it home and my phone had charged enough for it to turn back one, and I went to order the jacket my size had sold out, at the moment it felt like the universe was tell me not to buy the jacket. Over the course of the next few weeks I keep find myself thinking about the jacket, all the ways I could style it and where I would wear it. Well as you can tell from today’s post I bought it, and since then I’ve worn it so many different ways. I’ve even worn it to a doctors appointment and now that I think of it I might have been a tad bit over dressed, but never the less I’m happy I eventually purchased the jacket and I plan on continuing to wear it places, were it’s inappropriate because that the kinda person I am.


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