Color Pop


Look who color pop’d back up on the scene, I’ve been gone for awhile but I’m back. I took a break from exposing my life, in the hopes of living it a little more and that I did. Well I didn’t completely step awhile a did share a few things via instagram story, like a trip I took to Playa Del Carman with friends, a few crazy nights in wynwood, and my attempts to live a healthy life style by exercising everyday( a true struggle ) and cooking more. Also while I was away, I started to think about the direction I wanted to take my brand (ughhh I really dislike using the term). I loved the independence I had with solo shooting, I could just get up and shoot photos whenever the mood hit, but on the other side of things it is very limiting and time consuming. Sometimes it would take me forever to find the right lighting but then I would lose the light as soon as I started doing action shots,which is sometimes necessary when doing sponsored content. So in order to take my brand to next level and to give a higher quality of content, I started working with a photographer again.

Lucky for me I already had a photographer in mind, when I first started blogging I met @popularsociety , during that time the only person I shot with was a guy I was dating ( let’s call me the pescatarian lol) and didn’t have any friends in the same creative field I was in. So when she reached out suggesting we meet up after following each other on Instagram for about a year, to go grab a bite not only was I excited I was also nervous. Well that lunch tuned into a interview/ shoot and it was amazing. She has a way of making you feel completely comfortable in front of the camera. We ended up shooting together a few times after that but both of our schedules got busy and hectic . So when I decided to start shooting with a photographer again she was my first choice, but I wasn’t sure if she was available. After reaching out on Instagram to see if anyone knew of any available street style photographers in Miami, she wrote me and told me that she was available to shoot with me. We quickly came up with a game plan to shoot twice a week, that was a month ago I can’t wait for you guys to see the content we created. First up are these photos of me in my new go to, a slip dress. I wear them during the day to work with some sort of outerwear piece or at night with a cute heel.

Check out the link below to read the interview I did with @popularsociety years ago when I was first starting out.


Holding On To Summer

One of the great things about living in South Florida , is the fact that we can hold on to the summer well into the middle of November. Yup you read that correctly, in South Florida you will see people in short shorts,sundresses, and crop tops while the rest of the United States are trying to find their other glove and favorite scarf. Even now well into Fall, the weather down here doesn’t reflect the season and I’m still able to wear dresses like this gorgeous one from @shopdeuxreines , which is in a new color I’ve been trying out. Usually you will catch me in all black everything ( if you didn’t know, black is my happy color) but for the past month or so I’ve been trying to add a little more color into my wardrobe. I realized a few weeks ago I don’t really mind the colors red and yellow, now I can’t get away from them. I’ve started wearing a bold red lip everyday with matching Big Apple Red by OPI nails, but with all that being said let me not fool you… let alone myself by making it seem like I’m going to stop wearing all black . Matter of fact I’m completely eager for the cool weather to roll in so I can wear my black without dying of heat stroke. Whenever the temperature finally decides to drops below 72 degrees I plan on being in full Fall/Winter attire and this includes scarfs ( you’ve been warned! ). Until then it’s not so shorts shorts and dresses for the next few weeks.

The Blogger That Didn’t Go To #NYFW

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve set down to write this post about me not going to New York Fashion Week, let’s just say I planned for this to be up way before fashion week even started, but here we are a week later and I still don’t really have the words. So let’s just start at the beginning,way before Oh Yeah Kendra was a thought, I dreamed of attending New York Fashion Week. I didn’t know how it was going to happen but I knew it would. A few months back after Swim Week, a PR company that invited me to a few Swim Week shows. Asked me if I would be in New York during fashion week, now prior to this email I had no plans of attending New York fashion week, but as soon as receiving this email I began searching for flights and a possible Airbnb to stay in. The next day I went into work and requested the necessary days off. All was going to plan until a week before my trip to New York Fashion Week. My dog that has been a member of the family for the past 14 years fell ill, and attending fashion week took a back sit to everything going on in my life. Even though I would no longer be attending the shows I was invited to, I decided to still take the time off. The first two days of my stay home vaca I took it easy and the norm, you know browsing Instagram and spend countless hour watch Netflix. By the third and I became restless and began to work on blog post, redesigned @shop.hazed website( I finished it in one day) and shot some of the branded content that up coming due dates. You guessed it at this point I need a vacation from my vacation, so I put the phone and iPad down just in time to celebrate my mother’s 68th Birthday. Usually on her birthday I end up having to work because if you work retail you know you days and nights aren’t really yours, but since this year I wasn’t working I was able to spend the day with her. We first we to a cycling class because cycling is now my thing and I’m trying to make it hers ( so far she’s into it, or at least pretending she is lol) and later in the evening my brother and nieces stopped by to surprise her and celebrate with cake and ice cream. After everyone left and it was just the two of us, I asked her did she enjoy her birthday and she replied…. “This was the best one yet”. At that moment I realized everything truly happens for a reason. There will always be more fashion shows or events or what ever but you have to take the time to spend no matter how simple the moment is with the ones you love.

Nightly Skin Routine

Products clockwise…

Murad Essential-C Toner $30.00

Ole Henriksen Truth Advanced Moisturizing Crème $48.00

Origins Drink Up – Intensive Overnight Mask $28.00

Ole Henriksen Truth Serum $48.00

Ole Henriksen Transforming Walnut Scrub $28.00

Fresh Black Tea Firming and De-Puffing Eye Cream $68.00 (Not in photo)

A few years ago if someone would’ve told me I would be writing a blog about my nightly skin care routine, not only would I have cried laughing. I also would’ve bet you $50 that was never going to happen. Yet here we are, the woman that in her early 20s was the girl that came home from the club and did not wash her face. I can feel the ewwwwwws and judgments from all of you at once, but this is a judgment free zone lol. Sometime last summer when the heat was at an all-time high, I made the decision to have more make up free days. I realized the only way I could do this and not look like a complete hot mess, would be to start taking my skincare routine seriously. Like most people I turned to YouTube to see what products were all the rage, I saw everything from homemade face mask to a 10 step Korean skincare routine. Which I only watched up to the fourth step, then realized I would actually have to go into a store. After what felt like 5 hours, I walked out of Sephora with a few products and yeah none of those products worked. After a couple of trial and errors, I came up with a winning combination for my skin.

First step: I start off cleansing my skin with the Murad Renewing cleansing cream. I received this as a sample and fell in love with it. I plan on purchasing the full size of this product in the upcoming days.

Second step (Alternating days): I only exfoliate my face on alternating day with the Ole Henriksen transforming walnut scrub, to remove dead skin.

Third step: After exfoliating I spray Murad Essential-C toner on a cotton pad then wipe over my entire face and neck.

Fourth step: With the tips of my fingers I apply Ole Henriksen Truth Serum in an upward motion from my neck to forehead.

Fifth step: I seal everything in with a thin layer of Ole Henriksen Truth Advanced Moisturizing Crème to my face and neck.

Sixth step: To add a little more moisture, I apply Origins Drink-up intensive overnight mask

Basically at this point it feels like my face is sliding off…..

The Seventh and final step: Recently I started applying Fresh Black Tea Firming and De-puffing Eye Cream (I’ve had a few late nights, working on a few things and needed the extra help).

*Side note I also consume 1 to 2 liters of water a day because what up put in, is just as important as what products you use…. yeah I know everyone says that but it’s true and really works*

Comment below or slide into my “DM” on instagram and tell me what products work for you….

Life is all about balance

Hi there, it’s been a while since we last spoke. My online boutique Hazed has been up and running for a few months, and there has been some highs and lows. One of my biggest struggles would have to be, balancing my full time job and running my business. I’ve always been horrible with time management. Yup I’m that friend that’s always 15 minutes late for everything. So when it comes to balancing my two worlds it’s been a major struggle. During the launch of my store, I was 100% focused on my business. So much so, some nights I would stay up re-arranging my site to make sure that everything was perfect. But for the last few months I’ve let that focus drift to my full time job. Since my full time job funds my everyday life and also my business, it became my main focus and I didn’t realize this until someone a few days ago asked me how my business was going….. I instantly thought to myself, my business; how have I forgotten about my own business?!? I let myself get completely consumed with work and pushed my dream to the side. My life balance was completely off and I was starting to feel like my old tired self again. During my lunch break, instead of doing the daily ritual of scrolling through Instagram, I signed on to amazon (which honestly is my go to for buying mostly everything including the adidas shorts I’m wearing in these pictures) and purchased two journals. One for Hazed and the other for oh yeah kendra (my blog). For the past few days I’ve been getting up by 7:30 am every morning and spending 1 hour on everything Hazed related. From picking out pieces I think will be great for the upcoming fall/winter to planning buying trips to LA. I am also designating an hour to my blog oh yeah kendra, to plan blog content….See balance! This way I can run all aspects of my life more efficiently, because at the end of the day when your life is in balance you’re running at your best. I’m not going to say that this will be the end to this work life balance because we both know that would be a complete lie. It’s definitely something that will always be an obstacle for me. Eventually my goal is to be 100% self employed & that’s why in these early stages of everything it’s important I lay the ground work for a balanced life, so my business can truly be successful.

Kimono Top : Zara (Sale) Shorts : Adidas

Blending in and Standing out

As you may know by now, I launched my online boutique Hazed and for the past month it’s been my main focus. I spend majority of my free time working on my boutique, so much I put blogging on the back burner. I got into the mind set of designing a web site and curating merchandise for my boutique that would appeal to everyone, and kinda lost my creativity. So I made a decision to not to sell pieces that were safe and easy, but to sell pieces that would not necessarily be a go to for most but would be great additions to anyone’s wardrobe and to use my blog as a platform to show how to style the pieces in your everyday life(you know two birds one stone). *side note have you guys noticed my new found love of crop tops? Keep an eye out for them on @shophazed*

Long time coming…

This has been a long time coming, a couple of years back when I first started my blog I also was in the beginning stages of starting a online clothing boutique. Unfortunately the job that I had at the time was extremely stressful and It was causing me to become unhappy with my life. I had no time for friends or family and the people I did see weren’t people with any true substance. Except for a couple that to this day I still communicate with through Instagram, but anyway back to the subject at hand. One morning without even thinking I quit my job and this quickly put a halt on me starting my business. It took me a few months to find a new job and once I did the motivation to start my business was lost. Now fast forward two years later while sitting at home on a Friday night watching TV, I thought to myself once again am I truly happy at this current point in life and the answer was no. So I grabbed my phone and started an Instagram page,then an email address,then a square space and then BOOM! Hazed was born. My company Hazed which is named after one of my all-time favorite Jimi Hendrix songs purple haze.The feeling the song gives me, wanting to dance around carelessly, is the same felling I want to portray in the clothing I sell. For now there’s only a few pieces up on the site but over the next few months I plan on being fully stocked.

I’m excited for this new chapter my life where I can have full financial and creative control. Also enjoy waking up and doing what I do truly love shopping but with a purpose. But don’t worry this won’t take away from my regular blog post ,this just means you are going to see a lot more of me. The dress I’m wearing in this post is on my site!!! , Head over and check out what I have created at .